Jerkfly Jig Fire Tiger

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Jerkfly JIG is a lure that zanders, pikes or large perch love. The weight of 12 g provides excellent volatility of the lure, while the lower density of the head allows for a softer (compared to lead jigs) lowering of the bottom, which effectively attracts hesitant fish.

Lenght: 15 cm
Weight: 12 g
Hook: VMC 9247 BN NR. 6/0



Jerkfly Jig Fire Tiger 15 cm 12g

The manufacturer of these lures is Marek Imierski, an excellent flytier, who has tested the lures in heavy Irish waters. Marek is a three-time Polish champion in fly tying from 2016, 2019 and 2020. JerkFly Jig is a lure that zanders love. Pike or large perch will also not disdain it. The 12g weight provides excellent flight of the lure while the lower density of the head allows for a softer (compared to lead jigs) bottom flushing, which is effective in attracting hesitant fish.

Fly jerk is a brilliant handmade zander and pike lure. Effective primarily for large specimens. The lure is built from top-class components. JerkFly armed with a VMC 9247 BN 6/0 hook, the bristles are made of soft synthetic material. Pike flies and streamers are gaining popularity among anglers.

You have to try even one Flyjerk, and we guarantee that you will fall in love with this lure and never move without it to the water again. We have already convinced ourselves, now it’s time for you!

Individual models of handmade lures, due to their handmade nature, may differ slightly from each other, which does not adversely affect their work and catchability.