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Jerkfly lures

deadly lures for pike zander large perch for experienced predator anglers

Fly Jerks, created by Marek - three-time polish fly tying champion, are unique and absolutely versatile lures that no predator can resist.

Incredible work in the water, combined with unparalleled colors, make the lures enjoy the recognition of anglers around the world. Tested in difficult Irish waters, they will successfully perform when fishing for pike, zander, large perch and other large predators.

Jerkfly is constructed from the highest quality components, it shows incredible effectiveness when fishing for large predators. The design and creation of this unique lure took a lot of time - the development of a versatile lure that can be guided in many ways requires not only practical knowledge, but also the selection of materials that behave best in different river or lake conditions. For the production of the flagship fly jerk model Marek Imierski used wire on the rebar with a thickness of 0.8mm, the frame - 1.2mm, and a 2/0 anchor. Synthetic bristles look extremely natural and come in many color variants.
Fly Jerk can be guided in many ways just like classic lipless crankbaits. Skilled spinning anglers can make regular jerks with the rod, while reeling in the slack of the line, which leads to a fish strike and bouncing the lure in two directions (sometimes with a turnaround). The lure is slow-sinking, and the fish bite usually occurs in the break from the jerks, when the fly jerk begins to sink to the bottom. During the descent, the lure presents itself very naturally - it gently undulates, provoking the predator. Obtaining such impressive properties and behavior typical of small fish, delighted anglers around the world. All products, coming from the atelier of Marek Imierski, have been created in accordance with the principles of flytying and using the highest quality materials.

15 cm Jerkflies

Thanks to the offset hook design, we can fish very shallow overgrown water layers without worrying about snags after the anchor is disconnected.

20 cm Jerkflies

A special advantage of this lure is its 30 g weight. It is the lightest spinning lure of this size available on the market, dedicated to a lightweight rod.

25 cm Jerkflies.

Slowly sinking, it is particularly suitable for fishing the water layers up to a depth of 4m.

30 cm Jerkflies.

The 30 cm Jerkfly determines the use of a set tailored to heavy lures, nevertheless, it remains the lightest lure on the market in this size which significantly translates into fishing comfort.

Jerkfly JIg

Jerkfly JIG est is a lure that zanders love, and pike or large perch won’t disdain either. The weight of 12g provides excellent volatility of the lure, while the lower density of the head allows for a more gentle (compared to lead jigs) lowering of the bottom, which effectively attracts hesitant fish.

Best Pike Lures!

Clients Testimonials

“We have been fishing with JERKFLY lures for several seasons and they have opened dead water for us many times. We have caught many great pikes using them.”

Jarek Sekula

“JERKFLY is a lure that works great for us in Irish waters where we mainly fish.”

Marek Sekula
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